Past Readings -- 2016


  • Baracs, J. Development of the spatial perception with help of projections
  • Giaquinto, M. Visual Thinking in mathematics. Ch. 4-5
  • Gauntlett, D. Making is Connecting. Ch. 2
  • Reid, D. Proof in Mathematics Education. Ch. 1-2

November 2016

  • Omiunota N.U. How Do I Teach Mathematics in a Culturally Responsive Way?
  • Kulpa, Z. Main Problems of Diagrammatic Reasoning Part I
  • Stachel, H. Descriptive Geometry—Vision Guided Spatial Reasoning
  • Reed, M. Evely, A. How can your research have more impact? Five key principles and practical tips for effective knowledge exchange

October 2016

  • Arnheim R. A plea for Visual Thinking.
  • Avigad, J. review of Visual Thinking in Mathematics: An Epistemological Study
  • Henderson, D. and Taimina, D. Historical Strands in Geometry
  • Knoll, E. and Reid, D. Beauty in Mathematics and in Art

September 2016

  • Cocchiarella L. Working with the Image: Description Processing Prediction
  • Giaquinto, M. Visual Thinking in Mathematics: an Epistemological Study. Ch. 2
  • Tufte’s Visual Display of Quantitative Informations. Chartjunk: Vibrations, Grids and Ducks.
  • Fairchild, J. Capturing Mathematical Relationships through Representation: a Timeless Human Endeavour.

July/August 2016

  • Excerpts from Allwein, G. and Barwise, J. Logical Reasoning with Diagrams
  • Lowrie, T., Diezmann, C.M. and Logan, T. Understanding Graphicacy: Students’ Making Sense of Graphics in Mathematics Assessment Tasks

May/June 2016

  • Hetland, L., Winner, E. and Vennema, S. Studio Thinking: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education. Ch. 1
  • de Freitas, E. and Sinclair, N. Diagram, Gesture, Agency: Theorizing Embodiment in the Mathematics Classroom
  • Diezmann, C.M. Assessing Diagram Quality: Making a Difference to Representation

April 2016

  • Excerpt from: Livio, M.The Equation that couldn’t be Solved: How Mathematical Genius Discovered the Language of Symmetry
  • Excerpt from: Ritchhart, R., Church, M. and Morrison, K. Making Thinking Visible
  • Diezmann, C.M. and English, L.D. (2001). Promoting the Use of Diagrams as Tools for Thinking
  • Lockhart, P. A Mathematician’s Lament

March 2016

  • Root-Bernstein, R. and Root-Bernstein M.The Art and Craft of Science
  • Shear, J. Visual Thinking, Algebraic Thinking, and a Full Unit-Circle Diagram
  • Kadunz, G. and Straesser, R. Image – Metaphor – Diagram: Visualisation in Learning Mathematics.
  • Excerpt from Nakatsu, R.T. Diagrammatic Reasoning in AI