Past Readings — 2017

December 2017

  • Hemmings, J. Crafting Words
  • Markus, G. Am I Human? Researchers Need New Ways to Distinguish Artificial Intelligence from the Natural Kind/li>

November 2017

  • Crowley, M.L., The van Hiele Model of the Development of Geometric Thought
  • Thompson, K.M. Maintaining Integrity in an Interdisciplinary Setting

September 2017

  • Bender, J.B., Marrinan, M. The Culture of Diagram. Ch. 2
  • Exerpts from Presmeg, N., Radford, L., Roth, W.-M., Kadunz, G. Semiotics in Mathematics Education

June 2017

  • Boud, D. Using Journal Writing to Enhance Reflective Practice
  • Forde, C. The Concept of Reflection: an Introduction

April-May 2017

  • Rodgers, C. Defining Reflection: Another Look at John Dewey and Reflective Thinking
  • n.a. Reflection, Learning and Education
  • n.a. Reflection
  • Kinds of Judgment and Analysis (Adapted from Tripp)

February 2017

  • Oyman, N.R. Needleweaving Ethnic Ornaments (Jewellery)
  • Reid. D. Elements in Accepting an Explanation
  • Radford, L. The Seen, the Spoken and the Written: a Semiotic Approach to the Problem of Objectification of Mathematical Knowledge

January 2017

  • Alangui, W. Searching for Mathematical Ideas in Stone Walls
  • O'Sullivan S. The Aesthetics of Affect: Thinking Art Beyond Representation
  • Caglioti, G. Cognitive Power of Visual Images
  • Reid, D. Proof in Mathematics Education. Ch. 5