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1984 Recipient of the Mount St. Vincent Alumnae Award for Teaching Excellence






Carleton College


Cornell University


Yale University





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Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992

Fantasm and Fiction: On Textual Envisioning

Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1999

The Tears of Things: Melancholy and Physical Objects

Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2005


Essays and Chapters:

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Co-editor, with Melinda Guttman, of a special double issue (41/42) of the Paris journal Les Cahiers du Grif, devoted to "L’imaginaire du nucléaire," November, 1989.

Editor of Interiors, a special issue of ESC (English Studies in Canada) . 31.1 (2005)


Conference Essay On-Line:

"Codex Seraphinianus, Hallucinatory Encyclopedia."  British Council Symposium, Seeing Things: Literature and Visuality, Tours, 2001.


In Progress:

Limen: Literature Between Sleeping and Waking, a study of the strategies used to represent an ambiguous interface between two versions of the subject. Website:



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