The Giant Triangles originated in 1999 for a participatory art-mathematics project, nick-named "Geraldine", which involved the participants' barn-raising of a 3-metre high Endo-Pentakis-Icosi-Dodecahedron (shown on right).

In the context of some experimental work in Circular Origami, Eva Knoll joined forces with Simon Morgan and Jackie Sack, in order to design the large-scale kit of modular, equilateral triangles for assembly into Geraldine, the 80-sided barn raised polyhedron large enough to stand or sit inside.

The triangles are used in a variety of educational contexts, from Kindergarten to Graduate School, in teacher education and team-building events.

The shape building explorations cause excitement and curiosity. Classroom activities were developed through a wide range of grade levels, and with varying students from gifted and talented to low performing. Kits have been sold to school teachers and teacher educators, in North-America and Europe.

The triangles are presented on a regular basis at conferences for mathematics teachers and also at those focusing on mathematics and art (see Publications and Gallery).

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